A title of two questions is necessary when we speak of Kevin Preusse. One could get lost in the endless tales of conspiracy that surround this Patriot Movement outcast. For that reason alone I decided to bring Kevin on the show so that the viewers could get an understanding of who this complicated individual is through his own words. The interview included in this article that aired LIVE on www.AnonRadio.Live will likely be regarded as one of the most important interview that Kevin Preusse will ever do. The information that was revealed during this interview is both ground breaking and deeply chilling.

In a time when the Patriot Movement is divided in so many different directions, a person like Kevin Preusse is easy to place frustration and blame on. The question so many people wonder is whether the aim of that frustration and blame is justified. Why do people question the integrity of Kevin? Why do people question the validity of Kevin’s words? These are just some of the questions that I wanted to get to the bottom for the people and also for myself. Considering I’ve already produced a video concerning Kevin’s role in the Oregon Occupation from his interview on Revolution Radio, I thought it would be fair to give him a chance to clear his name. That clearly didn’t happen in this interview. Or maybe it did… You be the judge. ~Sincere #AllRightsMatter #ARM

Initial Analysis Of Kevin Preusse On Revolution Radio (Feb/2016):

The All Rights Matter Show Interview With Kevin Preusse (April/2016):

Kevin Preusse Evidence: Click HERE
Brandon Curtiss Evidence: Click HERE

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  • Yeah I’m that Guy

    So none of you people are smart enough to understand that history proved me correct? I could have shared so much more but why would I give it all away to fake ass people thinking they were being clever or outsmarting me? That’s not much different than the original Revolution Radio bullshit saying they Pwnd me and baited me down their path. Really?

    IDhermit you’re making me laugh using words like rat and then emphasizing it in all capitals. You probably also use words like paranoid smurf, nosey smurf, chordal and CLOTH02 which are all leaked NSA codewords. Shhh don’t tell anyone but I think it’s all bullshit and was done on purpose. Oh and if you meant it as a snitch then come on over to oregon so I can rip your throat out while my associates break your fingers you fuckin little midget curtiss

    Sharaud tell us what your big secret to success in marketing is.

  • IDhermit

    if it looks like a rat, smells like a rat, and talks like a rat……….probably a RAT. Simply my personal opinion.