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They’re at it again, SBPD Arrest Maria Sanchez

They’re at it again, SBPD Arrest Maria Sanchez

Posted on 04 April 2014 by UCM

They’re at it again… Watch this video to see the latest altercation with Maria and SBPD.

Maria States on her FaceBook page…

“I’m at the hospital waiting to be discharged. I had a full blown panic attack and begged the officers and the EMT’s to go into my purse to get me a Xanax. They refused. For anyone who has anxiety or panic attacks… you know how important that little peach pill is. I am a little banged up and I feel like I was hit by a truck.”


“The fact that the last time they escorted me out was illegal, I fully cooperated with them and they never explained to me that I was breaking any laws, this 72 hour ban was BULLSHIT! I will not be able to get my photos and videos tomorrow as I am now banned for 72 hours.”

“I just got off the phone with Sarge Adam Affrunti to check on Sue, the emaciated, sick dog who is still fighting for her life. He said if the vet has not killed her vet, the adopter or rescue can pick her up today.

Oh yeah, and he also said he received an email from the city attorneys office that because I was escorted from the property on Weds 4/2, I am banned from the shelter for 72 hours.

I planned to be there today at 3:30pm. I have no idea if they are going to really enforce this…but the fact that I was illegally removed from a public facility without incident, I don’t believe this ban in legal either.

Please send emails, ask them to stop interfering with the work I am trying to do. I plan to be at the shelter all day Saturday as well. If their ban prevents me from going…I will be devastated.”

A little “Maria” History:

October 1st 2013 – “San Bernardino Police continue to harass pet activist.

September 7th 2013 “San Bernardino Police harass peaceful pet activist

Please forward your complaints/statements to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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San Bernardino Police continue to harass pet activist.

San Bernardino Police continue to harass pet activist.

Posted on 01 October 2013 by Charles Radimaker

Charles Radimaker
UCM Reporter
October 1st 2013

Maria Sanchez

Photo of Maria Sanchez

In a place where crime is high and small amounts of good moralized citizens gather to hold officials feet to the fire. Is there anything else for law enforcement to do? Do we need to question why San Bernardino is on the edge of bankruptcy? On Sept 7th 2013, Maria Sanchez contributed a story to UCM. The story was an attempt to help others understand the situation surrounding the San Bernardino Animal Shelter. Sense then the Police department has continued to harass Sanchez. Sanchez recently posted the following via her Social Network, the following…
“Yesterday, I came home and found this business card stuffed into my front door.

I wasn’t home when the San Bernardino city detective stopped by, so they paid me another visit this morning at 7am. THIRTY MINUTES BEFORE MY ALARM, may I add!

I told him I did not appreciate him coming to my home, and said if he had any questions for me, he could email me and I would forward them to my attorney.

The detective said it was about what I was doing at the shelter and what I was posting on Facebook. I reminded him that what I am doing is legal. He agreed that I had every right to do what I am doing. I wouldn’t talk to him any further, I just told him I had to get ready for work and closed the door. This visit was way out of line and I am taking it as an attempt to try to intimidate me. FAIL!

I wonder if my Mayor would appreciate his constitute being harnessed by the San Bernardino city police department, on her property.”

Photo of Von Verbanic

According to an Interoffice Memorandum dated January 7th 2013. Von Verbanic had been an acting detective since June 11th 2012, assigned to investigations. On January 8th 2013 Verbanic was promoted to the position of Detective by Chief of Police Robert Handy.

According to another Interoffice Memorandum Von Varbanic was involved in the Tasing death of a 19 year old named Frank Cleo Sutphin. Sutphin was diagnosed a Paranoid Schizophrenic. Sutphin’s medical records indicate that he has a history of anger outbursts and suicide attempts. Sutphin resided at Lehman Board and Care, Where the incident occurred.

According to some witness’s Sutphin was trying to break up a fight between another patient and his roommate over cleanliness, when Sutphin was punched in the face by another aggressive patient.

This case was covered in detail amongst the main stream media for quite some time. Most coverage due to the nature in which the Sutphin incident was handled. Upon Sutphin’s death many believed it to be caused from the use of the Model X26, Serial # X00-325422 taser gun.

Sutphin was pronounced dead at St. Bernadine’s at 0043 hours on October 17, 2009. An autopsy was performed on Sutphin on October 21, 2009, by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department – Coroner’s Division, by Forensic Pathologist Dr. Frank Sheridan.

Sheridan’s report mentioned… “19 year old male with long history of mental illness; cardiac arrest during altercation with Police officers. — No evidence of cardiac disease at autopsy. — Conducted energy device used during altercation, per reports (four shocks delivered). — Two punctuate marks, left anterior chest wall consistent with ECD darts. — Penetration of darts through skin, — partially into chest musculature. — Two punctuate wounds through anterior pericardium and into the right ventricular wall. — negative for alcohol and drugs.”

The Pathologist revealed that he felt that there was a “multiplicity of factors that led to this death and there was no way to find out the cause of death.” It would be “impossible to pin it down.” Dr. Sheridan also mentioned. “that it is not something that can be seen and we will never know. Finally, the Dr. stated that “we don’t know if the taser contributed [to the death] or not.”

Because this incident resulted in the death of Sutphin, the issue of potential criminal responsibility on the part of the officers was addressed. Verbanic and Fellow officers were exonerated in Sutphin’s Death.

It is note worthy that as of April 2013, there have been over 500 taser-related deaths in the US alone, some of them have been children.

So may we ask, why is this man (Detective) bothering one of San Bernardino city’s better citizens? San Bernardino is mentioned in the recent NYTimes article “San Bernardino wins eligibility for bankruptcy This is disappointing when the words San Bernardino, Bankruptcy and Win are used together. It seems that many residences of this once Mormon founded frontier land, feel it is at a big loss, if not losing altogether. Winning is defined as “The act of one that wins; victory.” Yet, most define it as being number one. Last time we checked, San Bernardino was one step behind Detroit.

As Maria awaits the response of what San Bernardino City, Mayor Pat Morris has to say about this? We shall all wonder what is next for this peaceful activist. Until then you can follow Maria’s Facebook page for updates. If the SBPD has anything to do with it… let us hope tasers are not involved.

Honor the badgeTo Detective Von Verbanic, we can only hope you take your Oath to support and defend the Constitution as what governs you into your future encounters, within your choice of work. As for now… Please treat the Lady with respect and know every action is a choice. Honor the badge.

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San Bernardino Police harass peaceful pet activist

San Bernardino Police harass peaceful pet activist

Posted on 07 September 2013 by UCM

Maria Sanchez
UCM Contributor
Sept 7th 2013

At approx. 3pm on September 5th 2013, Andrea Neyses (Save SBC Shelter Pups) was minding her own business taking photos of the urgent dogs at the San Bernardino city shelter when 2 San Bernardino city police officers walked up to her in the kennels and ask her what she was doing. She explained to them that she was taking photos of the dogs to network them on Facebook to help get them rescued or adopted. They asked her if she was feeding the dogs treats. She replied, no. They asked her if they could search her bag for treats. She did not have anything to hide, so she told them she did not mind. They made her remove everything inside of her bag and in the pockets of her shirt. After she successfully proved to them that she did not have any food on her, they thanked her for being cooperative and walked away. Andrea continued taking photos of the dogs.

Just as Andrea was leaving the shelter, three police officers rushed past her out to the kennel area. She joked around with staff that she was glad they were not there for her. She told them goodbye and headed out the front door. Andrea got into her car and as she back out of the parking spot, she saw Anita Sanchez yelling for her to stop, she said the officers were there to speak to her.

Officer Harvey

As she pulled back into the parking spot, all 3 officers walked up to her car. Officer Harvey asked her for her drivers license. She gave him her license and asked what the problem was. Officer Harvey stated that she did not leave when she was told to leave. She looked right at the 2 officers who searched her bags if they ever asked her to leave, they turned their backs to her and would not answer. She explained to them she was only there to photograph the animals, what reason would they have to ask her to leave. Officer Harvey then said that Debi Shuker claimed that when Andrea visits the shelter she does not follow the rules. Andrea asked what rules she was breaking… he said Debi Shuker said she continued to feed the animals even after being asked not to.

Officer Harvey made Andrea say in a video recording “I will follow Debi Shuker’s rules”. He said that if she refused to repeat those words, she would not be allowed to return to the shelter. They made her sign a ticket and she was allowed to leave.

Officer Walton

Now Andrea must appear in court in November for this ridiculous ticket. The ass-wipes at San Bernardino city shelter, the police department and Debi Shuker have nothing better to do with taxpayers money in a bankrupt city then to harass Andrea? Don’t you think 3 police officers with lights flashing is a bit overboard? In a city that has the worst crime rates from murders, rapes, robberies and assaults. What in the hell are 3 officers doing harassing a citizen of San Bernardino county for being under the suspicion of “feeding a shelter dog a treat”?

*Editors Note: UCM will be contacting the SBDP and following up on this story. You can visit Andrea’s “Save SBC Shelter Pups” Facebook page here. Also check out Maria’s YouTube channel here.

Maria appeared on a radio show today check it out below.

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