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The Illuminati, or the New World Order, is a topic that has been discussed for years. Theories of conspiracy from Freemasons, Skull and Bones, UN funded corporations and organizations, Corporate/Government owned media, and other influential entities have been confirmed true through countless sources throughout the years. The “theory” of these vast conspiracies are not so much a theory any more. So one question remains… Why aren’t we doing enough to stop the conspiracies of corruption that are ruining, not only our lives, but the future lives of our children’s children? In theory there could be many answers to the aforementioned question, but let’s deal with reality for a second.

To answer the question of our ineffectiveness in stopping overbearing tyranny, we must first understand the mechanisms that allow these seemingly limitless transgression on humanity. If we first take a look at the common motivating factor between most ruling societies we can easily determine that factor to be money. Money is the scale of “worth” that every civilized society uses to assert it’s rule, authority, and power. On a global scale, if you are an economy with little or no money, you have have no ruling authority world affairs of direction. As history has proven, it’s much easier to coerce those without money than it is those with money. And as the saying goes, “money makes the world go ’round”.

Since money is the single most openly prevalent way that the majority consciously or unconsciously view all forms of physical worth, it’s not hard to see why the same global corruption that we see on a worldwide level is also happening much more aggressively on a local level. Not only is frequent mass corruption happening on a local level, but the new sins of ignorance and fear are allowing it. When you pair the necessity of money to fulfill self worth, with a general massive level of overall ignorance, and an extremely elevated level of unreasonable fear you have the perfect recipe for an organized global takeover with very little resistance and abnormally high support… Especially if the supporters’ money addictions are taken care of or promised to be taken care of upon a candidates election into office.

Our addiction to money and the “security” it provides in the worth of our personal social status and physical well-being is the very tool that the elite have no problem wielding against an unsuspecting population. In short, our submissiveness to financial structuring and the desire to fit in is plaguing our ability to see our collective enemy for the true adversary that he really is. We have all silently submitted to the rule of tyrannical powers through our agreement on Constitution and Bill of Rights killing laws. Our “legal” system is completely illegal but we’re stuck almost worshiping money and those who control it’s distribution.

When you combine the above information with the fact that the Illuminati have trained and controlled murderers and mercenaries on call in ever corner of the globe, the world suddenly looks a lot different than a sunny TODAY Show episode. Our government hasn’t been playing fair for a very long time. This is no secret. Knowing that our government is not used to playing fair and doesn’t take rejection well helps you to understand the following chain of logic presented in the videos of this article.

The Oregon Standoff was based on principled Constitutional logic and Lavoy Finicum was killed gang style by federally aided authorities. Justice Scalia, the last Constitutional judge, was found with a pillow over his head and his homicide was reported as natural causes before his body was even examined. David Crowley, the creator of Grey State, and his entire family were murdered in their homes and their deaths were ruled as a homicide-suicide as his movie concept completely exposing the federal government was just starting to pick up notoriety. The United States Federal Government was also found guilty in a civil case regarding the death of Dr. Martin Luther King. The list goes on and on. If you want to understand the extent that the government will go to silence and send a message to those who oppose, you can start there.

Although money and physical violence are always persuasive elements to the majority, nothing creates the complete effect of forced coercion like good ole fashion psychological operation through mass media. The fascist nature of our government through state sponsored media is an extremely critical part of the transitioning phase. The hive mentality is created with amazing marketing tactics through half truths with forced repetition to reinforce the “official narrative” into the subconscious part of your thinking.  Groups like Global Citizens have amassed 60,000+ Americans on US soil to conduct a United Nations music concert mixed with unveiling the New World Order. This is not a theory. This is conspiracy at it’s finest. Don’t believe me? Just watch… ~Sincere #AllRightsMatter

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