A Delicious Little Hole in the Wall

Danuel Summers
UCM Contributor
August 16th 2013

A dear friend Shawn and I have made a great effort to find good eats in the small towns and limited area we have around us. Though Indianapolis is right down the street so-to-speak, we rarely get the chance to make it out there. We try hard to find the best of what’s around, staying away from the mainstream conglomerate processed junk to explore real restaurants in an attempt to try and find a little pinch of love, the most important ingredient in all food.

I felt compelled to capture the intimacy of this little cubbyhole: a small diner tucked away in a mini strip mall, neighbored by a liquor store and a teacher’s supply store. We were more than pleasantly surprised when we walked through the door.  The Cicero Coffee Company smelled like the inside of a scented candle; I wanted to wrap myself up in the aroma, and couldn’t help but verbalize my love of it to the owner of this quaint little spot that was there, personally running the restaurant.

When I walked in the owner said to me, “It’s the mixture of coffee, biscuits, and fresh cinnamon rolls.” Upon inquiring more about the various items on the menu we had the pleasure of meeting the other owner, husband to the woman we had spoken to upon entry. The happy couple told us that they had owned the Cicero Coffee Company for seven years and have loved every minute of it.

I had the classic Reuben with Corn and Keilbasa Chowder meal. It came packed with corned beef, sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese on beautifully toasted rye bread with delicious Thousand Island dressing.

You can’t argue with a classic!Nothing fancy here; just a good sandwich and soup combo done just right.

It comes served with a dill pickle spear and a side of fresh, crispy chips. The Corn and Kielbasa Chowder was a perfectly warm and inviting way to start an afternoon. Creamy and filled with diced Kielbasa, whole kernel corn, and chunks of russet potatoes, it comes wonderfully priced at only $4.00 and some change.

The Traditional Club Sandwich

My good friend Shawn ordered the Traditional Club, described to us by the owner holding his hand about four inches off of the counter (it was not a lie). It came with fresh deli ingredients, piled double-high, stacked atop toasted bread and served with a stack of potato chips and a dill pickle spear – a filling and fresh classic done wonderfully by this little hole in the wall diner, Cicero Coffee Company in quaint Cicero, Indiana.

Address: 150 S Peru St, Cicero, IN 46034
Phone: (317) 984-2739