Who is Uncorporate Media?

UnCorporate Media (UCM) covers international, national, and local news using a network of grassroots, freelance journalists, writers, and contributors from all around the world.

UCM is completely contributed to by the global-local – you, your neighbors, and your family. We say it’s about time “We the People” have a collaboration network to assemble Grassroots news crews in little time, with less hassle. Think of it as a grassroots Associated Press mixed with MeetUp.com. UCM is more than just a media outlet. It’s a place to collaborate and work together, much like a social media website. Sign up and help us today.

All content on UCM is 100% user-created, and all mediums of publishing used via this site will be unique and exclusive to the topics at hand. You will not see any visual media content published here from any other news source or agency. UCM creates its own content. If you see it here the creator of the content put it here, simple.

In essence, We do not like to “re-report” the news. We do not rely upon what mainstream media outlets report; we report and investigate directly from the source. No matter the subject, we collaborate together within our network of resources and contributors to report your news, your facts, and your found truths. We do this while openly correcting mistakes when they are made. The popularity of any approved content will determine if it populates the UCM headlines and featured content areas. UCM lets the people choose what relevant news is, not the private interests of mega-corporations. UCM is creating a structure that gives global locals a reputable, trustworthy, and independent news source.

While the few years went into the site’s creation, most of the first year went towards heavy research as to what average people think is the problem with today’s corporate news media reporting. Our studies showed a pathway to a unique concept, a news source centered on you. We here at UCM believe with all our hearts that we all can make a major impact on the psychology and awareness of the people by truthfully and objectively reporting on events going on around us. We believe this movement can succeed with your help and dedicated work.

What’s Your Deal?

If an average person were to do 3 months’ worth of investigation on a subject or story, they would typically just blog about it or make a quick YouTube video about it with a webcam. Some of us can see the raw info and respect the work being presented, but most people would just see someone talking about something – going on and on – while concerning themselves more on who the person is that is talking. It could be the most important information in the world, given by a credited whistleblower, but people just don’t take it seriously.

Yet, a mainstream media agency can feature someone random talking up a storm about any subject and the masses listen up mindlessly. The lower 3rd title (info-title graphics) reads, “Top contributor, or some analyst, is basically a complete unknown, pocket-bought, think-tank, big government, script reader.” In essence, we want UnCorporate Media to be a news agency that is respected and real. There will be no targeted genre with UCM; it will be for anyone about anything.

For example, if you are someone who likes agriculture, then you can write in the lifestyles section for gardening. If you’re someone who likes cooking, then you can register for the site and write about that. Fathers, mothers, police officers, lawyers, doctors and nurses, local bankers, construction workers – UCM are the Village People of grassroots media sources. We are aiming to make a poignant alternative news network that will give corporate mainstream media a run for its money. Just like the newswire reports from the Associated Press, we hope to create a newswire that will be a voice of the people – any people, from any nation, with anything worth reading to say.

How Does UCM Compete Against the Mainstream Media?

Say MSNBC, CNN, SKY News, CBS, NBC or any similar agency wants to publish something newsworthy. Each agency has a special procedure they must follow before running that story:

1. (Conception) Defining the want/idea/need for the story.

2. (Resources) Using what the network has at hand.

3. (Production) Producing the content.

4. (Publish) Broadcasting of the created content.

Realistically though, if a mainstream media outlet wanted to cover a story, they would simply send a reporter/editor to put the word out, then gather news crews, and go.

Mainstream media outlets are privy to a vast oasis of reporters, writers, TV anchors, cameramen, video editors, van drivers, and satellite operators. A 3-4 person crew can be at the site of the story within minutes of the idea’s inception. They have resources that the average person does not, plain and simple. If you think about it, that would be a lot of work for only one person to match. Yet, the endurance and heart of the majority of citizen journalists drive them to try for it anyway.

Throw it in Reverse

Now let’s step back a bit. The citizen journalist, doing “3 times” the work, produces content that lacks the quality and visual conformity that the people readily accept – it’s just not taken seriously. The point is, we need to give people an uncensored factually-based umbrella agency/brand that people can use to publish poignant, raw data/info on. UCM wants to ensure that the people can do this while being provided a sort of social network that is capable of helping you find fellow contributors with specialties you can rely upon.

Say you are a writer but you are not that great at taking pictures or vice-versa, you can send out a crew notice or search for someone in your local area that would be willing to collaborate for the project. As a writer, you would search for a videographer, photographer, or editor and you would write the story with the help of others who are like-minded.

If you are producing a video to go along with your article, and you happen to be camera shy, then you could find someone to do the talking-head-talent portion of the report. All credit will go to the writer and fellow contributors under the umbrella of UCM. We here at UCM think diversity on topics and types of contributions is what will ensure our longevity. With so many genres of interest, UnCorporate Media should develop a reputation that is hard to break. On UCM, it really is unlimited to what you can write about, and you don’t have to worry so much about censoring.

The UCM University Section of UnCorporateMedia.com is open to all Contributors and Viewers. This comprehensive section provides tips and tricks that are present to help citizen journalists create higher quality content via their topical field of expertise. This section will continue to grow as time moves on and more contributors join. We will also be providing professional advice and tutorials on everything from Photo, Video, Audio, Writing, and Reporting Tactics.

If you know any industry professionals who would like to contribute contact us at info@uncorporatemedia.com

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”.

UCM history

This project started in March of 2009, the UCM founder had a vision, better yet… a revision. He figured that alternative news should be reported and collaborated on, all while minding the limited resources of the average freelancer.

He thought, “What if a major news agency like Fox News made an announcement that went something like ‘Good morning. We have fired all our reporters and staff. You are now the reporter. Go to FoxNews.com or CNN.com and submit your articles now’.”The good articles would be good, and the bad ones would be, well . . . bad. UCM would populate the site with the most consumer-popular content. Simple as that.