So the New York primaries are over… The dust has settled and the results are in. Main stream media is reporting that Bernie Sanders has suffered a defeat that he will not be able to recover from. Folks from the Clinton campaign are even throwing vulgarities towards Sanders’ direction while telling the well respected Vermont Senator to “calm it down”. The irony is numbing.

With all of the rhetoric coming from outlets such as NBC and others, it is clear to see the establishment is showing favor for Hillary Clinton. But is this decision a well deserved by the Democratic front runner? Has Hillary really cemented her progressive vision upon the masses of average American voters? While almost all main stream media outlets would have you believe that Hillary is winning the hearts and minds of Americans, the contrary is true.

Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has run a campaign that not only defines true American values, he’s creating a honorable template for future presidential candidates to run on. Sanders ability to run his entire campaign on small donations from average American citizens shows the loyalty that his followers have towards his cause. Why such a loyalty? The answer is simple. Bernie’s plan is the people’s plan.

With rising healthcare cost, housing cost, student loan debt, and other economic burdens, Bernie’s message of taking back the power and control from the big banks is resonating loud and clear in the hearts and minds of Americans. His approach is a once in a lifetime approach that has never been taken by any other candidate. Sanders’ message to America is a message that our children can be proud that we’ve passed down to them…

“This is our country and we are not slaves to the big banks. We will stand up and fight for our Constitutional God-given Rights that the elite wish to squash with unjust laws. We will not stand by silently.”

Sanders and Clinton

The message of Bernie Sanders is the message of the people. That’s his secret formula. That’s the heart of his success. The same can not be said for Hillary Clinton. Her consistency in flip flopping has been the only thing that she has been consistent at in her political career. Time and time again Hillary has appealed to the vision of her donors. Time and time again Hillary has let down the people she serves by delivering deals with vulnerabilities that effect everyday working Americans. Having the ability to ignore Clinton’s breach of public trust is not considered responsible or noble in any way.

Knowing all of the above, how did the New York primaries turn out? One hint… They turned out just like I stated above. Bernie is for the people while Hillary is for the big money donors. While Hillary may have won the New York primary by a double digit lead, Bernie pulled off an amazing defeat that no media outlet is willing to cover. Out of the 62 counties in New York, Senator Sanders won 50. You read that correctly… 50. In a state where Hillary is undoubtedly the strongest, Sanders won the hearts and minds of the people. That can be seen in the graphic below.

Bernie Sanders Wins America

This data has to be disturbing for the Clinton campaign. The data suggest that Hillary’s message is not resonating with the majority of regular voters In heavier metropolitan areas that are more controlled more by big money than community government Clinton was able to sweep up big victories. The most interesting part of the map lies in the bottom right hand corner. Bernie did not win one single part of New York City.

Everyone knows that New York City is the financial capital of the world. Everyone that is in touch with American politics also knows that Bernie’s message is centered around dismantling the corruption of corporate and big banking interest that control our financial sector. In summary, the WAR between righteousness and evil can CLEARLY be seen in this graphic above. With Bernie not scoring a single district that big money controls the elite have effectively asserted their will on the people. Their arrogance can be noted in vulgar comments made by a Clinton staffer towards Sanders after his New York “defeat”.

Sanders Cheated In New York

In closing, the world of the elite and the will of the people are starting to come to a crossroad in American history. Whether Bernie Sanders has bargained for this type of revolution or not is not the primary concern at this point. The cat is out of the bag as they would say. Hillary Clinton’s reputation as an opportunist politician who has consistently engaged in increasingly shady behaviors has been cemented in the hearts and minds of Americans. Regardless of the obvious voter fraud by the DNC, Hillary’s propped up win is not as significant as her camp would like to think it is. A contested convention is inevitable. The funny thing is, I told you this was coming… Watch out! The 2016 Presidential Elections hold a very valuable secret in favor of Bernie Sanders… A double contested convention. ~Sincere #AllRightsMatter #ARM #ProBernie

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