I found a great ‪#‎FeelTheBern‬ meme even though I don’t agree with Bernie Sanders on the Paris Agreement or Planned Parenthood. But that’s all a matter of differing intelligence. Bernie isn’t wrong because of his reasoning. He’s only wrong on those issues because of the data he’s using to form his opinion on the subject matters. Bernie is all heart but is still partially guided by the dark lies from our tyrannical government. I’m thankful his heart AND experiences have showed up for my brothers and sisters throughout our years of struggle in this divisive country… That’s real and noble in my eyes considering he was never really required to do it. And that’s also not to mention his disgust with our greedy central banks, wall street, and the billionaire-backers of politicians.

Moving forward, we just have to get Bernie educated on how a few more things really work. Bernie is the closest to understanding our morals as a country and the best at listening to our voices as a leader. I believe that’s all we can really expect these days… And I’m okay with that. If we’re looking for a savior to run for office, maybe we should question why we’re blindly willing to give that authority, which would render ourselves powerless, over to another human. I place that thought out there with this idea… Every human that’s ever stepped into that office for that prestigious burden of a position has been flawed. Flaws that fluctuate in there degree of severity depending on who you talk to.

One’s sins are a subjective matter in most cases through the majority of humans eyes. Wrongdoing is purely in the eyes of the beholder… Not the action itself. This way of thinking is a completely amoral way of approaching a once traditional “commandments of God before anything else” society. There is no longer a clear definition of right and wrong… Enter the Democrats and Republicans. lol. So the hunt for a perfect a president is nothing but pure folly… Entertainment. The critical issues, spiritual acknowledgement of God, and the relationship between a leader and his nation’s people should be the main things to focus on when we’re looking for a POTUS. Those qualities are still why we elect a president aren’t they? Just my thoughts on Sanders, the issues I believe are extremely critical and largely ignored, and this whole election process… Interesting times we’re in. ~Sincere ‪#‎AllRightsMatter‬ 

Bernie Sanders

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