Let’s be honest. The 2016 elections have been one of the most electrifying elections cycles in recorded history. One can argue the reasons for this type of attention towards politics in 2016, but one thing is clear… America is waking up and getting engaged in the political process in mass numbers.

This election cycle we’ve seen candidates that represent the billionaire class struggle to keep track of their “positions” on the tough and important issues. We’ve witnessed a prominent doctor fall from grace after gaping holes were found in the official version of his biographical recollection. We’ve witnessed criminals who should be locked up after purposely erasing requested secret government information from a private home server and lying, given a free pass to continue to run for president while under federal investigation. There’s no question that this election cycle is keeping Americans intrigued and interested.


The new political fire that is spreading through America is both genuine and forced. Let me explain. As you watch your television look for certain Republicans that garnish unfathomable free airtime through national broadcasting. The messages of the GOP front runner has pierced through the middle of America like a perfect double-edged sword. Division and discontent are becoming normal passage ways to fame and success. Do you think it is a coincidence that one the world’s top billionaire brand managers is the front runner of the “spiritual” party? Do you see the irony? That is the forced mockery portion of this political fire.

The earthly controllers of our daily fortunes are not as stupid as most conspiracy realist may think. Due to that very reason, intellectuals are waking up in mass numbers in a final attempt effort to stop the tyrannical corruption that is prevailing through every element of government. The genuine political fire that is prevailing in America is being spear-headed by amazing independent media personalities, liberty activists, minority civil activists, organized militias, and many other organizations that represent God-given Constitutional freedoms and liberty. While these entities are the core of fighting against a tyrannical lawless government, their collective approach won’t be easily achieved without the inner circle support of certain key members of government… Enter the #1 Democratic Secret of 2016.


Hillary Clinton is winning the 2016 election by very interesting numbers. She is literally physically winning by the current primary numbers, but losing in many important polls that would suggest major problems with herself, her campaign, and/or her ability to connect with what America wants. Arguments could be made on her exploitation of the African-American and Latino vote when it’s convenient for the polls, just like arguments could be made for her husband doing the same. But that’s not quite a secret. Those arguments are really just the status-quo for what politicians ordinarily do. So that’s not why we’re here today.

The Clinton Super PACs have been some of the most amazing fundraising tools to ever be used in modern history. Barring the fact that corporate money should be banned from political elections, the Clinton’s have been one of the most remarkable royal political families to ever control the United States. Their blood money runs deeper, longer, and wider than the Mississippi River itself. Some reports estimate that the family has collectively raised over $1 Billion during the course of their political careers. In similar reports it’s estimated that more than a tenth of that has been personally earned and raised by the Clinton family through paid speeches and “other projects”. Those “other projects” is where the corruption begins to elude the average American.


Through a series of backdoor transactions and contributions the Clintons have managed to garnish global allegiances that far exceed the constitutional boundaries of the federal government. From accepting gifts to accepting cash, no family has benefited from political welfare more than the Clintons… Not even the Obamas. This ability for multinational corporations with global interest to influence the political process in America is never fully addressed by regular main stream media. Many arguments could be made for the main stream media being under fascist control that is prevailing instead of true journalism, but that topic is for another article. What is evident is that the Clinton have used their foundation, The Clinton Foundation, to funnel millions of dollars in exchange for Constitution-crushing favors.

The selling of the state of Oregon’s land and natural resources through multinational organizational agreements is just one of the many agreements that the Clintons are still yet to answer to. Through their backdoor dealings and acceptance of corrupt foundation donations they were able to close a large deal in Oregon, almost permanently securing the uranium rights for Russian interest. This type of corruption is the new threat that America is facing and still doesn’t understand. The ability for those who are elected to govern us collectively with our consent has been been compromised by their selfish desires that mean more to them than the welfare of the American people. This corruption is why the globalist LOVE the Clinton family. They exploit Americans by talking a good game, but still selling them out through shady personal backdoor dealings that are transacted on foreign soil for American resources. That level of corruption has the potential to be the final dagger in the heart of our Constitution.

Though the Clintons are perfect example of what modern political corruption looks like, they are not the only piece of the puzzle in this tangled tragedy of corruption. The bankers that finance the Clinton Super PACs to keep them in power have far greater influence and control over the election process than most American understand. The Super PACs that the big bankers and corporations finance and form are the new leading political class in America. Read that last sentence again. That’s right… The Super PACs are their own party. They are neither Republican nor Democrat. They neither represent the American people nor the Constitution that governs Americans as a whole. They are an independent party that is able to manipulate public perception and persuade national media through their tremendous economic influence and coercion. The donors are the controllers running the show. But it doesn’t stop there…


Millionaires and billionaires have always had a stake in our political process… And they should. However, their money shouldn’t have any stake more than any other citizen. Republican front-runner Donald Trump says that he agrees that the Super PACs are a problem but has failed to dismiss them in all the years prior to his 2016 election run. As a matter of fact, Donald Trump has donated in every major election cycle for approximately the last 40 years. It is public record that, like all Super PACs, Trump has donated to both sides when he could personally benefit the most from his contribution…*cough*cough… corruption. A quick review of Trump’s history to any 5th grader would reveal that The Donald has never had a problem of walking the thin line between corruption and favors, many times landing on the side of corruption.

So where does all of this leave us? That’s were we begin to tie the loose ends of this secret together. All candidates that use Super PACs are in compliance to some extent with corporate interest that are not aligned with American values. Whether we mention Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, John Kasich, or Hillary Clinton we’re talking about the same thing. Big money in politics that corrupts ANY intentions to deliver on the promises to the American people. When the Republican front runner has been know to always favor Democrats in his giving, does it not make anyone suspicious that he’s chosen to run in the opponent’s party? Wouldn’t it have been easier to run in the party that he’s always supported the most, than to switch his allegiance and run in a party that he shares very little values with?

The answers to these questions with the correlation of the intentions of the Super PACs to undermine American freedoms is both scary and empowering. It’s easy to see that the 2016 elections are nothing more than a mere illusion. Yes they are really happening… But are they happening the way you think they are? I would bet not.



Donald Trump is a secular humanist that is purposely ruining the Republican party. Every piece of evidence points to the fact that there is no one more liberal running for president in 2016 than Donald Trump. The marketing that is being done for Trump is exactly the same as Barack Obama’s presidential promotions in 2008 and 2012. The only difference is the demographic has been changed to “target” the “poorly educated” in unassuming white neighborhoods all across America. The marketing tactic that Trump is using is a sure path to winning the party nomination and winning the overall presidency. Well, that’s in theory. Analytically speaking, Trump has purposely targeted a section of America that has been disenfranchised and left behind for the last 20 years. That targeted audience does make up the majority of this countries population. There is no crime in this action. The crime is in the demagoguery that is being used to destroy the image of the Republican party and divide the people for the purposes of “government intervention”. But why is this happening?

The answer to this complex approach being taken by the elite is actually simple. Donald Trump is a fail safe. If the Super PACs are unsuccessful at brainwashing the public about how great of a person Hillary Clinton is, enter Donald J. Trump, the most liberal Republican billionaire to ever walk the planet. Whether it’s Trump or Clinton doesn’t bother the elite. Even if it’s not Trump or Clinton, Cruz would make the elite more than happy than a Kasich nomination. The goal of the elite at this point is to maintain control and fast track their global agenda. This part of the plan seems to slip the minds of most liberty minded individuals that mean well. The elite have financial goals and an agenda to fulfill them as quickly as possible through convincing governments to pass the laws they themselves write and support.


Anyone not fulfilling the purposes of the elite will not receive national air time, nor will they benefit from the coverage that exemplifies their critical points. This critical observation can be likened to a litmus test for finding the candidate that the elite don’t want you to know about. When we observe who has received the most national coverage without paying a single penny for it, it’s clear to see who the elite want you to pay attention to. With almost $2 billion worth of free advertising during the 2016 election cycle, Donald Trump has literally trumped his competition in the “free marketing” arena. That’s quite convincing for a man that pledges to use his own liberal money to run his liberal campaign in a recovering conservative movement. Do you think this is a coincidence too? I beg to differ.

Donald Trump, a Super PAC all to himself, and the Clinton Super PAC influencing the 2016 election cycle has had harsh and immediate consequences that are being felt on all levels of society. In a normal world of less minor corruption the 2016 presidential ticket would have been a “sensible conservative” like a John Kasich and a grassroots mastermind like Bernie Sanders. But that’s not the current political climate. And for good reason…


Bernie Sanders is delivering a message that is engulfing America at a pace that the establishment has not seen in recent history. The Constitutional message he is delivering is about bringing liberty back to the States and power back to the community of average American families. Bernie’s acknowledgment of overly excessive minority policing and private corporation incarceration, coupled with deep inner-city government corruption, is shaking the foundation of a federal government that has embedded it’s long tentacles into every aspect of local government and organizations. The root issues that the Sanders campaign has chosen to take on is almost everything that most liberty minded Americans have been waiting on for decades.

Without getting into all of the specifics about how and where Sanders is cutting corruption and rearranging systems, it’s still important to point out the overwhelming support that he is receiving from the American people. No presidential candidate in recorded history has received as many personal contributions as Bernie Sanders. Totaling over 5 million donations with an average of $27, Sanders supporters have spoken louder than the Super PACs of most candidates. Raising over $100 million in small donation would get Hillary Clinton elected overnight. So why isn’t the media talking about Sanders loyal supporters and following? One reason… Censorship. Our path to rebuilding a Constitutional Republic under Common Law is literally through a Democratic Socialist. Yes… Read that again.


The elite know that capitalism has corrupted democracy in every civilized nation on this planet. Politicians are bought and paid for like drive-thru cheeseburgers to do the bidding of their highest bidder. The elite know that we as a people recognize and are tired of the old ways. The elite know that we are looking for a way out. They also know that the intellectually aware Americans know that we have to break this system to correct this system. How to correct this democracy is a matter for another article. There are many excellent ideas on restoration ranging from political, social, economic, and more. The point is the elite know that our collective knowledge has reached an apex where we can capitalize on our unified efforts without government control or supervision. That idea is scaring the living hell out of those who wish to dominate and control us under unconstitutional authority. And that’s where Bernie Sanders comes in…

There is no candidate that is advocating realistic solutions to fuel the working class more progressively than Bernie Sanders. The critics have been publicly proven wrong on their incorrect analysis of his public plans. Some of the Sanders critics have even been proven to be pushing a clear agenda. While that may be not be groundbreaking information, one thing is clear… No candidate has received less attention this far along in the election season than Bernie Sanders. This is NOT by accident. When a man not tied to Wall Street is leading a revolution that has raised over $100 million and his following doesn’t receive due recognition coupled with the clear agenda taken by a fascist media, you have to wonder why. The elite know why and now you will too…


Sanders’ plans are not perfect but perfect for Americans. Americans that are looking for a path to restoring Constitutional values and States Rights would benefit under a president who has been systematically sympathetic to civil rights and economic equality. Two things that threaten the empires of royal family politicians are equality through economic means and social civil rights. The combination of these factors provides the unity that is necessary to overthrow lawlessness in America. While I’m not trying to sound arrogant or grandiose, but I have to admit that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out. A little bit of reading and daily studying will reveal a great deal about the corruption that we call politics.

Sanders’s following is the biggest threat to the American establishment since JFK or Martin Luther King. The plans of the elite would be destroyed and/or severely altered by an awakened and invigorated intellectually liberal, but relatively conservative, democratic revolution if Sanders were elected. That last statement is a clear indication of why the 2016 elections will be regarded as a major turning point in American politics. The Republican party could be destroyed by a decoy liberal front-runner while the Democratic party would lose traction after Hillary is finally imprisoned. The establishment would be devastated beyond repair and the people would for a first time be at a clear advantage. The threat of Sanders is imminent and the establishment knows his millions of followers are onto their corruption and control of the economy, media, and governments of the globe. The stakes are not just high, they are astronomical. But you wouldn’t know that. Why? Because the media has almost completely ignored the $100 million man his extremely intellectual following. Their silence is deafening and speaks volumes towards their true agenda and intentions.


Why am I telling you all of this? For many reasons… Maybe you don’t have time to get into politics because you’re being worked to death due to minimum wage standards and inflation. Maybe you’re well read and understand the particulars of politics but you’re not so savvy in other disciplines that surround politics. Whatever the case may be, I have written this so you can understand your future and America’s options.

As previously mentioned, although Senator Sanders is not perfect and in no way a savior, his policies and attitude towards American civil liberties will feel like a savior just landed amongst us if he’s elected. Why? Because it is the best reflection of the American utopia that the majority of hard working American truly desire. Most Americans are okay knowing that nothing can be perfect, but that doesn’t mean they are willing to compromise their integrity or Constitutional values in trade for false government security or unconstitutional laws. And that’s where the elite are losing the battle… That’s why main stream media will not focus on the grassroots-funded millions of Americans that are screaming for an immediate change in our current de facto government.


That leaves us with November 2016. What the media is not telling you is that the political system is about to be ripped apart. Two contested conventions is the mixture, chaos is the outcome. While the Republican party is being ripped apart by demagoguery and liberalism masquerading as justice and righteousness, the Democratic party is facing it’s own set of circumstances.

The upper middle class Democrats are starting to feel the heat of the lower base of their party who have been under-served and are tired of being voiceless. Those unrepresented and systematically betrayed individuals have pledged allegiance to the righteous revolution of opposition against Hillary Clinton within their own party. This dynamic is clearly impacting the projected primary state outcomes of the long time establishment candidate. This divide within the Democratic party is the beginning of the collapse of the elite ruling the democratic infrastructure.  Their opposition has a face now, and that face is Bernie Sanders and his millions of followers.

As the primary races finish and the RNC and DNC hold their conventions, the only thought in the mind of the elite is whether the grassroots following that has invested so much money and time with Sanders will actually pull it off. In an interesting turn of recent events Sanders hinted that he’d be up for a contested convention. While the media has been clear to publicize the craziness of a contested Republican convention, they have been less than present when mentioning the implications of a contested Democratic convention. Their silent stance on not talking about a Democratic contested convention is a clear indication of their agenda and the overall goals. One thing will be certain at the elections this year. The tension and urgency for change will be felt all across the United States.

Vote wisely in 2016. If, and I do mean if, this election is allowed to happen without Sanders prevailing, it may very well be the last election of your life. I don’t say that lightly. The elite are in place to take their final blow and move towards implementing the TPP and the Paris Agreement. We only have this election cycle to get someone in office that can either change or trash these agreements.

If it’s not going to be Sanders, neither agreement will be changed to favor the American people. The SuperPACs and billionaires will control the outcome. That will be the last of your constitutional freedoms as you know it. Mark my words… Time is of the essence. This is possibly the most important election cycle in recorded history. If Bernie Sanders takes this all the way to a contested convention, every American that loves liberty and hates corruption needs to get behind this once in a lifetime candidate. Consider yourself educated and forewarned.

Now that you’re in on this contested convention secret, I only have one small request…

Do your neighbor a favor by passing this article along to anyone that needs to know the truth about who the best candidate for president is. Thank You. ~Sincere #AllRightsMatter #ARM

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12 Responses

  1. Tom Ulcak

    Bernie is not about expanding states’ rights. He is about expanding Federal power. The power of the federal government has been reduced to such a humiliating small size. It is impotent and is basically a skeleton organization that corporations control. One company, Apple, has a bigger annual budget than the U.S. government does. Power to the Federal government means power to the people. Power to states means a handfull of rich bullies control our lives. Big things do not happen locally. They happen Nationally.

  2. Krakr Jorgensson

    Spot on. Too bad we can’t get a major outlet to repost this for the masses. I think it could convince the average fence-rider to feel the Bern

  3. Brenda Mitchell

    How do we get the word out? You are absolutely right, but most Americans are clueless to this, hell most don’t even know what the TPP is, let alone understand how their freedoms will be stripped from them forever! I secretly dream of an Anonymous hack of the MSM to wake the average American up before it’s too late!

  4. Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan

    I am an Anarchist. I don’t normally campaign. I stay away from elections, though I hold three citizenships.
    If I’m campaigning for someone, you better know that I am aware that it is a matter of life and death and I mean that literally.
    If Bernie is not elected, this election constituting a bloodless Revolution, we will have two options: A bloody Revolution or a worldwide, high-tech, super pharm Fascist lock down.
    America is not up to a bloody Revolution. Not only do they usually not work, America is too effete to be guerillas.
    I suggest you vote for Bernie. We are being given one last chance. Grab it with both hands. If you do not, your Children and your GrandChildren will curse the day you were born.

  5. Mary Whisler Maxwell

    Wow. I started reading this, and it was so good and on target, I stopped halfway through, and read the entire article out loud to my husband. We have been Bernie supporters ever since he announced his candidacy, as he had impressed us as a Senator with his truth and sincerity, pointing out the greed and hypocrisy in Congress, complaining about so many of his colleagues taking bribes from corporate lobbyists. We will do everything we can, to help this man get elected. We agree, he is a once in a lifetime chance for the citizens to take back the USA.

    • Sharaud Sincere Norman

      Thank you so much Eric. That was the challenge to myself by being a relatively new contributor to this amazing site. I wanted to know if I had what it takes to write the “big article”. I appreciate all the excellent feedback. #MuchRespect


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