Deputy Huang Nguyen

Photo of: Deputy Huang Nguyen

On 12/2/2014 in Houston, TX around 4pm, Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Huang Nguyen¬†illegally detained and arrested Tomball, TX resident Michael Gardner at this place of work. Gardner was transported to the Harris County Jail and later released after a judge ruled there was no probable cause for his detainment and arrest.

Gardner states that while in the back of a police cruiser he had no seat-belt on. Deputy Nguyen¬†“sent text messages” and “drove at speeds over the posted speed limit”. He goes on to state that the man in the video “was being investigated over allegations that he asexually assaulted a woman by slapping her ass”. Gardner goes on to state “I would do it again” in regards to filming another police encounter.

Our team here at UCM applaud Michael for exercising his rights and not “bowing down” to the police state injustice. Shame on you “Deputy Huang Nguyen”!

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  1. Michael Gardner

    I just thought you guys would like to know I am Michael Gardner from the video and y’all got this deputy’s name wrong in the article I do have the correct name and it isHuang Nguyen.if y’all would please change it in your article that would be fantastic please let’s make the correct man famous. Sorry for missinformatin at first


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