It’s no secret. Trump supporters are a new dynamic to the Republican Party this election cycle. In 2012, Ron Paul supporters were the outsiders that were rejected by the establishment. In 2016, Trump supporters are the same… But are they?

In 2012 the Liberty Movement was at it’s finest. Young sensible Republicans and Libertarians all over America began to converge and discuss issues that effected their lives. Those issues would be debated in healthy ways until the establishment decided that a Ron Paul nomination wouldn’t be in it’s best interest, despite the will of the people.

The tactics that the RNC used to minimize the voice of it’s people left a bad taste in the mouths of those who have always been the most devout Republican supporters. The tactics used to overthrow the will of the people resulted in violence and personal injury in the most heated of circumstances.

Though the Liberty Movement lost their battle to have Ron Paul nominated by being robbed by their constituents, some of them have kept their hope alive for real change in America. That hope is slowly being squeezed out of the life of the movement once again. How? Through a mass deception so elaborate that 99% of the main stream political pundits will not talk about it.

Donald Trump is a proven liberal capitalist that has no comprehension of a constitutional republic, Republican religious values, or states rights. These are all proven factors of Trump that have had very little air time to none through the national media. Donald Trump, by all accounts of everything he represents, should have ran on the Democratic ticket. Trump has primarily supported Democrats over Republicans his whole life by donating large sums of money for “favoritism”. His ideology and progressive liberal principles to leadership reveal that he is anything but a conservative individual.

So in recent light of Trump’s emergence in the Republican party, one can only question the intentions of the front runner and his loyalty to those he claims to represent. The ideal that a candidate doesn’t share the sames principles or values as the people they represent is nothing new. Politicians have always lied to their voters about the things they will do for them. Those promises are rarely ever fulfilled to the full qualification level of their initial intent. Trump’s broad promises have little to no possibility of being fulfilled on a bipartisan basis, leaving his words as nothing more than demagoguery and pure political positioning.


Now that we understand the illegitimacy of Trump’s Republican run, we can get back to the tension that we mainly see in the Republican party. In 2012, Ron Paul supporters were attacked and brutally beaten for their political stance against the establishment. Though not all of these clashes played out on live television, quite a few did and had a resonating effect on the party nationwide. That same effect is being replayed through Trump’s rhetoric but with a different twist.

The establishment is up against a different beast this time. They are up against something they don’t understand and could have never imagined impacting their the party the way it has. The Trump machine is in full effect and it has the establishment reeling back on it’s heels. The new Republican supporters look nothing like the Republican supporters of yesterday. They are more diversified and have an energy that resembles nothing the Republican part has offered in a long time.

Donald Trump has brought the liberal fan base to the Republican party. It has always been clear to me that Trump’s strategy to overtake the Republican party would be to bring some of his liberal friends into the picture. That reality is slowly appearing. Trump supporters and Paul supporters couldn’t be more different. While Paul invoked the intelligence of his constituents for open debates and compromise, Trump flaunts his wealth and assets to his “prospects” as tools of coercion and influence.

Trump has tapped into the demographic of people that are “poorly educated” and has used that footstool as a catapult into larger numbers by simple network marketing. One thing that Donald Trump’s team is good at is high class expensive marketing that cost nothing. That’s right. Cost nothing… When you hear of the young liberal latin female in Florida that has made over 10,000+ calls for Donald Trump, it is safe to assume that her efforts and many others like her are what is driving this liberal revolution in the Republican party.

The newcomers to the Republican party have not been met with open arms. Black people who intelligently follow the Republican front runner quickly learned that they are neither wanted nor equally welcomed amongst their “constituents”. They are met with verbal and physical abuse from both sides of the aisle on a daily basis. The Trump rallies of recent months have revealed appalling violence against Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters. Not surprisingly, but still interestingly enough, the Trump supporters that receive the most violence seem to be black or of other ethnic minority decent.


So where does all of this leave the Republican party? When you have a liberal front runner who has hijacked the overall Republican narrative with very little to slim chances of beating Hillary Clinton, you have to question the life of the party. This is NOT an accident. I repeat… This is NOT an accident. If we pay attention to the “Secular Humanists” card in the Illuminati Card deck it’s very easy to see who Mr. Trump really is. The deception has been in play for over 25 years now. That’s hard for many folks to believe but I’ve covered the story speaking of Trump’s projected presidency wand building a wall 25 years ago in a cartoon. None of that is neither here nor there when it comes to the violence that we are seeing at Trump’s rallies.

The violence at Trump’s rallies is due to the tone set by the demagoguery of Donald himself. The hate that is being spewed has awakened hate groups that all feel as though they finally have someone that is serving their interest. Donald Trump will not fully say that he separates himself from racist logic ideology. A statement of that nature could actually hurt the presidential candidate more than help him. That is a dangerous fact and proves the level of hatred that his campaign supports.

I think we all understand that it’s one thing to point the finger at another group, but it’s another to condone attacking another group without any provocation. Donald Trump’s rants to his followers to cause physical harm towards protesters has set the stage for violence and corruption in the the general election. These are not light accusations and will have a tremendous impact on the overall outcome of this election.

So are Republicans thugs? I’ll let you decide that. The Liberty Movement is not filled with thugs but they have been infiltrated by the Trump supporters without them being successfully ousted. Generally speaking, the traditional racist elements of America have rooted themselves within the Republican party. Trump has tapped into that anger towards President Barack Obama in a more volatile way than any other candidate through his demagoguery. That anger has been the gateway to many physical attacks on peaceful protesters. That anger is the catalyst for many things to come.

One thing is certain, whether the thuggish behavior of the Republican party is addressed or not, it is prevalent and eroding the very reason for the party’s very existence… To remind us that our Constitution is our primary governing document and that government is only suppose to govern at the consent of the governed. Now that liberal ideals are running the Republican party, the future of our Constitution is at stake in a way that it has never been before.

Trump’s secular humanist views are only the beginning of the corruption that is sure to turn this country into a “one party system”. Are we ready to put a career conman in office? Are we ready to let a billionaire overthrow an entire party for personal and professional gain? Are we ready to let thuggish behavior become the norm at hate filled rallies that separate and segregate every single group of our wonderful democracy? Time will tell. This campaign is truly something else… And not in a good way. ~Sincere #AllRightsMatter

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