Introduction, Intent, Insurrection

Sam Wagner
TCRN Reporter
UCM Contributor

Hello, and Welcome. You are here and there are a variety of reasons as to why that could be. Malevolence or benevolence, however you came to be in this moment, the trials you have undergone are numerous and significant. Being that I would still consider myself a bit of a novice as a writer, as there is always more to learn and explore, I thought the best way to get to know each other would be by being as open and honest as possible with each other. I feel there is no other way. This relationship goes further than me and the paper. I am here to share my perspective, my insight, my tools, and my stories with others. That is my purpose on this planet. I hope to learn more about you, and in time, maybe a picture will form somewhere within you about me. So without further ado, let me explain more about why I am here.

Our planet is in a dire state of crisis. Every life system on Earth is in its decline, and there isn’t a scientist who would tell you otherwise. This may be obvious to many at this point, but my intent is that these words may permeate the social zeitgeist, leading to the spread of ideas that might actually take hold. So when one is reading what I have written, it isn’t my intent to “talk down” to anyone, or to pretend I know something I don’t. In many cases I will be honest if I don’t know a particular fact, figure or facet to any given situation. All I can give is the best I can give, and that is my promise to you, the reader. For the record, constructive criticism is always welcome, “putting down” is not. I believe we are here to learn from each other, and to spread positivity and knowledge, even when our collective consciousness is going through a period of seemingly painful growth and maturity we are experiencing now together.

That said, I am not here to sugar coat the facts. I am here to tell the truth of my perception. It will be a learning experience for me as I am sure it will be for you. But again, that is why we are here, in this moment. To help each other through it in any way possible.

Photo by: Wendy SchreierI grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis, in a middle class family. My Mother a manager of a financial management services studio, my Father a police officer in an affluent city. I loved watching and reading the news, and sharing the most interesting things I could remember with my friends and family. I was born with the spirit of a warrior, so many of these conversations with teachers or other assumed authority figures would devolve into arguments about one thing or another. I never considered myself smart or special, though, until I went through a series of moral and spiritual “tests”, during my late adolescence. Through this chapter of growth I’ve found myself coming out on the other side swinging. As I learn more and more about the state of us sentient beings and our environmental conditions, the more and more I find myself speaking out. Even when my opinion is the unpopular one, I still share it, because spirit has communicated to me that it important to do so. I’ve discovered, not much else matters to me besides providing whatever means I can to whomever I can, in order to bring about this shift in consciousness, with as little suffering or damage sustained as possible. This revolution in my behavior has led to a shift in my world in countless ways. Dietary habits changed, tastes in music, even my relationships with friends and family transformed dramatically. The further I walk this path, the more and more I am convinced it is the right one, and that I must share it with others. That may be the biggest reason I’ve started writing for this website, The Conscious Resistance. I am following my conscience, and it has led to more enlightenment and spiritual fulfillment than I could have thought possible. It truly is a feeling to be experienced and shared, rather than defined.

In order to create this world, a series of events must take place. I cannot speak to all of them, but I do know a certain few. First, we must enlighten ourselves. Jim Morrison said, “There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.” He was right. We can all contribute in little ways to the collective goal, but without full enlightenment, these actions may be in vain, as it comes at a detriment to one’s personal growth. This may be a long, arduous process, but I truly believe without spiritual connection, many of us are just spinning our wheels and not sure of which way to turn. By giving ourselves the inward focus we require as humans, also comes the outward reflection of that witnessed experience. In other words, the energy we put into ourselves’ reverberates with others, in turn, resulting in what may be termed “a spiritual chain reaction”. This is what humanity is missing most, its sense of connection to itself, unity over isolation.

Next, as we are witnessing, must come the removal of the facade of the old order. We must expose the actions of those in assumed roles of authority, and bring these people to justice, perhaps otherwise known as the will of the majority. This falls hand in hand with the first step, as many of us are affected differently by the actions of ‘the powers that be’, or as I like to refer to them as ‘the powers that were’. They know they are on the way out, and they will do anything they can to hold on to what power they have left. This is why Occupy Wall Street was/is critical, among other reasons. Regardless of the perceived failings of what some judged as a movement, the messaging was the most important part, and sadly that fact has been lost on a few. To take back our language, is of the highest importance. Framing the argument, before it could be co-opted like movements past, with concepts such as the 99%. People had forgotten, we are many, and they are few. We are just beginning to remember that fact.

That is where you come in. I hope to inspire others with my work, whether it be writing, photography or activism, in order to create a new world. A world where happiness reigns supreme, and tyranny and treachery are a thing of the past. A planet where abundance occurs as opposed to scarcity. A world where human beings are united under a common goal, to survive and thrive with one another. Some may call this idealistic or utopian even. I dismiss their dismissal, because I know it is possible, for it is a measurable goal. We hold the power to change this planet any time we want to. But therein lies the kicker, we have to WANT it, and we have to learn how to make it happen from each other. I firmly believe we all have a significant role to play in this awakening and in this shift. Every role is as diverse and wonderful as one could imagine. I hope my writing helps you find that role. See you next week.