They’re at it again, SBPD Arrest Maria Sanchez

They’re at it again… Watch this video to see the latest altercation with Maria and SBPD.

Maria States on her FaceBook page…

“I’m at the hospital waiting to be discharged. I had a full blown panic attack and begged the officers and the EMT’s to go into my purse to get me a Xanax. They refused. For anyone who has anxiety or panic attacks… you know how important that little peach pill is. I am a little banged up and I feel like I was hit by a truck.”


“The fact that the last time they escorted me out was illegal, I fully cooperated with them and they never explained to me that I was breaking any laws, this 72 hour ban was BULLSHIT! I will not be able to get my photos and videos tomorrow as I am now banned for 72 hours.”

“I just got off the phone with Sarge Adam Affrunti to check on Sue, the emaciated, sick dog who is still fighting for her life. He said if the vet has not killed her vet, the adopter or rescue can pick her up today.

Oh yeah, and he also said he received an email from the city attorneys office that because I was escorted from the property on Weds 4/2, I am banned from the shelter for 72 hours.

I planned to be there today at 3:30pm. I have no idea if they are going to really enforce this…but the fact that I was illegally removed from a public facility without incident, I don’t believe this ban in legal either.

Please send emails, ask them to stop interfering with the work I am trying to do. I plan to be at the shelter all day Saturday as well. If their ban prevents me from going…I will be devastated.”

A little “Maria” History:

October 1st 2013 – “San Bernardino Police continue to harass pet activist.

September 7th 2013 “San Bernardino Police harass peaceful pet activist

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