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Reporter / Video & Photo Journalist
Devoted Husband, Agorist, Journalist, Film Maker, Actor, Producer, Liberty Activist, 1/2 Nerd 1/2 Mountain Man.
Guru Liason / Reporter
Liberty Guru, Free Range Parent, Agorist!
Author of: The PeaceMonger. (Born, January 29, 1957 in Garden City, MI) Hess was the 2014 Libertarian Party candidate for governor of Arizona. He has also previously ran for the office in 2002, 2006 & 2010. A candidate for U.S. President in 2008 and U.S. Senate in 2000. Hess earned his BA in English from Fordham University. He also attended Seton Hall Law School, Franklin Pierce Law Center, and the University of New Hampshire, Plymouth.
Assignment Producer
Libertarian Activist, Real Estate Agent, Director of Huntington Chapter of Long Island Board of Realtors, Member of LOLA Ladies of Liberty Alliance, Member of Oath Keepers of Long Island, Event Organizer: Libertyfest NYC, Save Long Island forum, Ron Paul March on Washington, Boots on the Ground, New Hampshire, Paul Festival, Libertarian Speaker, Blogger.
Video Blogger
Columnist / Video Journalist
Columnist / Radio Talk Show Host
Former Candidate, President of the United States at Libertarian Party, Life Member at Libertarian Party of Ohio and Anesthesiologist at Cleveland Clinic.
Independent Reporter/Journalist
Financial Empowerment and Social Equality are some of the things I'm all about. Got an interesting story you want me to know about? Shoot me an email...